Can I get a refund?

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Of course you can. I invite you to buy this course, try it out for 30 days – watch all the videos and download the content – and if after all that you feel like this course isn’t for you, then just email me for a full refund.

Look, I’m beyond confident that you are going to get immense value out of this course. I’m constantly adding new content to it and updating the older videos too. Whenever I solve a rather tricky problem for a client, I record a video and share it in this course so you and others can benefit too.

What can I automate with this course?

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If it has an API or webhook then you can automate it! You’d be surprised at just how many things have APIs. You can connect to your smart watch to download your fitness data, program the smart lights in your home to turn on and off, send text messages and birthday cards to your friends, create contracts and documents, move data from one app to another, edit and style images and upload to social networks…

The possibilities are truely endless! And what’s more, is that, every single day there are more and more apps and “things” that you can connect to and automate with Integromat!

Can’t you just build it for me?

2021-01-23T02:10:02+00:00January 23, 2021||

I sure can! This course is designed to help you build your own automations and understand on a deeper level how Integromat works. I originally created it for my clients so they could learn how to make some minor changes to the automations I built for them. Since then I’ve expanded the course to include everything you need to know to get automated!


If you prefer for me to work with you directly, then book in for a free call here.

Is Integromat expensive?

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Integromat is actually CHEAPER than Zapier. What I love about Integromat is that you have the ability to buy “one off” bundles to temporarily increase your plan limits. So if you want to data clean a big list you can just buy a bunch of extra operations for the exercise rather than having to upgrade and downgrade your account.

With monthly pricing starting at $9, compared to Zapier at $19 – Integromat is very affordable.

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