🚀 Welcome to the ultimate guide on connecting Bubble.io with Make.com! If you’re looking to supercharge your business automation, this is your go-to resource. We’ll walk you through the steps to send and receive webhooks, allowing you to seamlessly post data to Make.com, process it, and then receive that data back into Bubble.io to perform various tasks. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started! 🎉

Step 1: Setting Up Your Bubble.io Application

First things first, your Bubble.io application needs to have a table named my_table. This is crucial for the integration to recognize the users accessing your table.

Create the Table

  • Navigate to Bubble.io.
  • Add a data structure named my_table (note the lowercase).

Add Fields to Your Table

Next, you need to include a field in my_table:

  • Add a new field named email (as a text field).
  • Save this new field.

Add a Record

Finally, add a record to my_table:

  • Go to App Data > my_table.
  • Add an entry with an email address to activate the data structure. 🚀

Step 2: Enable API Endpoints

Now that your table is set up, it’s time to expose your API endpoints.

  • Go to Settings > API page.
  • Enable the API and the Data API.
  • Check all the boxes for the different data types you want to access via the API.
  • Copy your API key. 🔑

Step 3: Connecting Bubble.io to Make.com

With your API endpoints enabled, let’s connect Bubble.io to Make.com.

  • Open Make.com and select Bubble.io.
  • Add a new connection and input your API token.
  • Enter your application name (found before bubbleapps.io in the preview URL).
  • Click Continue to establish the connection. 🌐

Development vs. Live Environment

Note that you will need to create two connections, one for the development environment and another for the live version. This is because Bubble.io treats them as separate applications.

  • Create a connection for the development environment to test before going live.
  • Once live, create another connection for the live environment.

Troubleshooting Tips

Running into issues? Here are some quick fixes:

  • Ensure your API endpoint is correctly enabled.
  • Double-check your API keys and tokens.
  • Verify the data structure in Bubble.io has an initial record.


And there you have it! You’ve successfully connected Bubble.io with Make.com to streamline your business processes. With this powerful integration, you can automate tasks, process data, and enhance your app’s functionality effortlessly. 🌟 Keep experimenting and optimizing to make the most out of your automation journey!

Happy automating! 🤖✨

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