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Diana was ready to launch her new ecommerce store. She had access to a large email list and wanted to bring them to her new site using an email campaign.

Segmentation and automation was key. I setup interest tagging and segmentation, conditional logic trees and also a list cleaning automation to maintain her list health. All up I put together 57 emails, 11 automations and even setup goals, lead scoring and tagging.

Diana has an average open rate of 42% on her emails and a click through rate of 7%. In the first month of the project the email marketing automations sent over 39,000 viewers to her site and helped her generate over $98,000 in revenues.

Diana Adams

Ecommerce Store

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“Mitch did a great job delivering exactly what we needed – marketing content and automation set up in a short time frame. I’ve rehired him for future strategy work and already recommended him to others.