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Nancy had a quiz that was attracting a lot of new leads into her business. But she didn’t have any email marketing setup to convert them into appointments and customers.

I worked with Nancy over 3 months to define her customer profile, create a marketing strategy and implement her email marketing. Nancy had an active blog and a clear company persona which I used to set the tone and style of the email copy.

Nancy was also working on a video for her YouTube channel and sales funnel. I provided her with my video sript template and worked with her to refine her message.

Nancy Ella

Financial Aid Coach

Mitch not only writes high quality intuitive copy, but he is truly versatile in writing for various needs and platforms. He has a knack for capturing your voice (or the intended voice) and designing it in a way that impacts the customer experience.

Mitch was critical in getting my email newsletter series off the ground. I can say that he probably increased my average monthly sales by about 25% and has set a standard that my customers come to expect. In addition, Mitch made a huge difference in helping me with the scripting and voice for my bio video featured on my Youtube channel.

Without Mitch’s help I wouldn’t have had the confidence, the structure and ability to express my thoughts so clearly in this video. Thanks Mitch for top notch work.

Subject: About your child’s scholarship…

NAME, do you want to pay less college tuition?

Don’t be tricked into thinking you need to pay full price!

Most students can save 30k every year they attend college. And for most degrees, you could save over $120,000.

I’m Nancy Ella and I’ve been a college planner for over 23 years. I designed this free quiz to ensure parents don’t miss out on getting the financial aid they deserve.

Right now, you have the opportunity to give your child a massive head start in life. You could even use the savings to support your child through college or towards their first home or perhaps add into your own retirement planning.

That’s why I’ve started a free Facebook group for parents to guide you through the college admissions and scholarship process.

Join the college admissions Facebook group here.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you 5 insider strategies to help you reduce the cost of college.

So make sure you look out for my email.

Nancy Ella

PS – To find out more about my company and how we can help your child, visit our website here.

Subject: Computer gamer with poor grades gets into a Boston University…

“We don’t know what to do”

Dave was running out of ideas…

He and his wife Anna had tried everything to get their son through high school. But all Matt wanted to do was play video games.

He wasn’t interested in anything to do with school.

Matt wanted to go to college, but his options were looking pretty slim. He had a below average GPA, poor social skills, and no special talents…

Getting accepted to a top college was going to be tough, if even possible…

Yet, Matt wasn’t just accepted by 1 college. He was accepted by 8 top colleges and was offered multiple scholarships and financial aid too!

  • $38,000 per year from a top University
  • Plus $8,000 from a grant
  • And another $8,500 in other financial aid awards!

In total, Matt was offered $54,500 in financial aid!

So how did a C-grade student get over $50k in scholarships and grants?

Look out for my email tomorrow to find out how.

I’m going to share the exact strategy we used to get Matt accepted into 8 top colleges. And how we saved Matt’s parents $38,000 a year from his college tuition.

But more importantly, I’m going to show you how we got him excited and engaged with his college education.

Do you want to learn how?

You can use the same strategy for your child too. So look out for my email tomorrow!

Nancy Ella

PS – Yesterday I promised to give you 5 insider secrets to help you reduce the cost of college and you can download that here. But tomorrow I’m going to reveal my #1 strategy for reducing college tuition costs so check your inbox!

Subject: Below average student gets $33,000 scholarship…

He was completely obsessed…

It was thrilling. It was fast. It was everything.

At least that’s how Jay saw it. Skiing was Jay’s life and he spent every second he could out there on his skis.

But he wasn’t a pro. He’d never been coached or even entered a race. Jay was just a kid with a pair of skis…

Summer before starting 11th grade changed everything. Jay wanted to go to college and he wanted to be apart of the ski club but had no idea how to get there. Neither did his parents.

Jay’s parents realized they needed help. Their son needed a strategy to get into college and into the ski club.

So that’s exactly what we did. I worked with Jay and his parents and created a step-by-step strategy so he would get noticed by coaches and into the college ski club.

Step one of our strategy session was getting Jay to compete.

That fall Jay’s parents hired a ski coach to teach him how to compete. Once winter came, Jay started entering competitions and races too. At first he wasn’t getting placed, so he trained harder and harder.

He was determined to win. It was his dream. It was his ticket to college. And now Jay knew how to achieve it. He just had to follow the plan.

Step two of our strategy for Jay was to get him noticed by universities.

By the end of winter, he had placed 1st in 5 races and 2nd in another 3. He had filmed his tricks and timed his skiing. He had everything he needed to prove himself to a coach.

When Jay applied to college he was accepted by 10 top schools. He is now going to Boston College as an Engineering Major despite having below average grades…

Based on his grades alone, he would never have been accepted. But with the right strategy he not only got accepted, but Jay was awarded multiple scholarships too!

  • $15,000 skiing scholarship
  • $10,000 academic scholarship
  • And $8,000 in grants

All in all, Jay received $33,000 funding for college tuition.

With the my step-by-step strategy your child could qualify for different financial aid packages that will help you better afford your child’s cost of college.

Financial aid isn’t just for top students either. Any student can qualify for at least 1 form of college funding.

Do you want a strategy for your child’s future?

Would you like to save 10’s of thousands on college tuition?

Is sending your child to the best college for them important to you?

If so, then click here to find out more.

Nancy Ella

FYI – There are over 800 FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS that are offered by Universities and Colleges for ALL TYPES OF STUDENTS, not just the top kids. Do you want to save 10’s of thousands on your child’s tuition? Click here to find out how

Subject: It’s not just a scholarship…

This wasn’t luck…

It could happen to anyone.

Sally was a great student, but she wasn’t top of her class. And she hadn’t won any awards.

Getting help with college admissions isn’t just about financial aid. Scholarships can make a big difference financially, but it’s your child’s future that really matters.

When I first met Sally she had no idea what she wanted to do or even if she wanted to go to college…

The first thing we did together was clarify what she wanted to do and who she wanted to become. Together with her parents, we worked with Sally to map out the next 5 years of her life.

Everything from how and when she would apply to college. Which colleges she should apply to for her career path and what scholarships and grants she would be eligible for.

Sally applied to 8 schools and was offered scholarships by every single school. She didn’t have any special skills or talents, and her grades were just above average, yet Sally had colleges fighting over her…

She was even awarded $40,000 in financial aid packages…

Including the $25,000 Presidential award!

But what came next meant the world to Sally and her family…

She was offered a $15,000 scholarship by the economics department. It was at her ‘dream’ college and this meant she could even study abroad!

Our strategy session didn’t just get her a scholarship. It motivated her to study harder and she started paying more attention in school too.

You can imagine how excited Sally was and how proud her family were too. She was the first person in her family to ever go to college.

Do you want the best future for your child?

Would you like to save thousands on your child’s college tuition?

Are you looking for help with college admissions and planning?

If so, then a 1-hour strategy session will help you.

Normally, you’d have to pay $500 to get a strategy session with me but, today I’m practically giving it to you for just $47!

Does that sound good to you?

Perfect —click here to book a time to speak with me.

Nancy Ella

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Subject: Scholarships: Read this before it’s too late

Your child only has ONE chance to apply for college.

One chance to stand out and get noticed…

That’s why I’ve been talking about my scholarship strategy session, a proven framework to get financial aid and the best opportunities at college.

And right now, you can access this session for just $47 (normally $500).

So click here to ensure your child gets into a top college without paying hefty college tuition

Results from students I’ve worked with have been incredible!

On average, students I work with, save $37,000 per year in tuition fees

With multiple grants and financial aid packages, even for average students…

Ensuring they have the best chance of being accepted by Ivy League schools.

Having a scholarship strategy session with me is easy. You will get results. I’m so confident that this will work for you that I’ll refund your $47 if I can’t save your child $1,000’s in college tuition!

If you follow the strategy I lay out for you, and your child doesn’t get into a top college, I’ll give you a full and courteous refund.

This offer is only available for the next 24 hours. So hurry before the price increases to $500. If you read this email tomorrow, I’m sorry but you will have missed out on this limited-time offer!

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Nancy Ella

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