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Luba is a seasoned digital marketer. She already had a very successful email marketing automation when I started working with her but she wanted to take it to the next level.

With over 20,000 subscribers, 220+ emails and 27 different automations, Luba’s project required a lot of strategy and planning. We worked closely together to map out her customer journey, refine her user segments and map out multiple automations.

After implementing the new automations and marketing strategies Luba’s earnings per subscriber increased from $0.67 cents to $3.21 in just 30 days! Since Luba was buying a new subscriber for just $0.43 she saw an immediate return of $42,000 in additional revenues.

Luba EvansĀ 

Yoga and Relationship Coach

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Mitch made an immediate and positive impact on the ActiveCampaign project. He is a solid profession with deep knowledge in his area of expertise. I recommend him without reservation and look forward to working with him again.