📞 Do you find yourself struggling with unformatted phone numbers in Pipedrive? Today, we’ll explore how to validate and format phone numbers inside Pipedrive using the powerful integrations of Bubble.io and Make.com. If you’re tired of manually updating phone numbers for hundreds of contacts, this guide will show you how to automate the process seamlessly! 🚀

Why Phone Number Formatting Matters in Pipedrive 📲

When you’re using Pipedrive’s built-in calling feature, phone numbers must include the appropriate country code. If they don’t, you’ll encounter issues when trying to call your contacts. This can be especially painful if you have a large database of contacts and each needs to be updated manually.

Here’s where automation comes in handy. By leveraging Bubble.io and Make.com, you can bulk format and validate phone numbers, saving you time and ensuring that all numbers are correctly formatted.

Step-by-Step Guide to Automate Phone Number Formatting 📋

1. Setting Up Filters in Pipedrive 🔍

First, we need to create a filter in Pipedrive to identify which phone numbers need to be formatted. This filter will focus on people records where the phone number exists but does not contain a country code prefix like +1.

  "filter": "Phone number exists and does not contain '+'"

2. Pulling Contacts Using Make.com API Calls 🔄

Using Make.com, we’ll perform a list person’s API call. This will pull in all the contacts that meet our filter criteria. Set a limit to manage how many contacts you’re pulling in at once to ensure smooth processing.

  "action": "listPersons",
  "filters": [
    "Phone does not contain +",
    "Phone is not empty"
  "limit": 100

3. Parsing Phone Numbers 📞

Next, use the parse phone number module in Make.com. This module enables you to input the phone value and select a default country for parsing. This step ensures that the phone numbers are formatted correctly according to international standards.

  "module": "parsePhoneNumber",
  "inputs": {
    "phone": "{{phone}}",
    "defaultCountry": "US"

4. Handling Errors 🚫

In case the phone number is invalid or cannot be parsed, we set up an error handler. This handler will remove the invalid phone number from the contact and add a note explaining why the number was removed. This is crucial for maintaining clean data in your CRM.

  "errorHandler": {
    "ifInvalid": {
      "action": "removePhoneNumber",
      "addNote": true

5. Updating Valid Phone Numbers ✅

Finally, if the phone number is valid, update it to the international format. This ensures that all phone numbers in your Pipedrive database are ready for use with the built-in calling feature.

  "ifValid": {
    "action": "updatePhoneNumber",
    "format": "international"

Benefits of Automating Phone Number Formatting 🌟

  • 💼 Efficiency: Save hours of manual work by automating the formatting process.
  • 📊 Accuracy: Ensure all phone numbers are correctly formatted and ready for use.
  • 🛠️ Scalability: Easily manage and update large databases without hassle.

By integrating Bubble.io and Make.com, you can streamline your phone number validation and formatting in Pipedrive, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. Give it a try and see the difference automation can make in your business! 💪

Happy automating! 🎉

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