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Learn How To Automate Your Business With Integromat/Make

Automate Key Business Processes & Get More Done!

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Are you sick and tired of: copying data from one system to another and creating the same-but-personalized documents, proposals, contracts and other files. Maybe you spend too much time assigning tasks for key stages in your business process, sending emails, text messages, voicemails and postcards.

Or you’re overwhelmed with cleaning and merging data, or performing lots of manually repetitive tasks that eat through all the time in your day.

Then you need to get your business automated and this course is for you!

Empower Your Business To Go Further

Shane O’Dazier from Simple Solutions

Alan Howle from Triple Effect

Zac Huddart from Lolas Cupcakes

With This Course You Will Learn How To

Setup Your Automations The Right Way

If you don’t know this little trick then you could end up creating more work for yourself! Automation done right can be a VERY GOOD friend, but when it is done poorly it can wreck havoc in your business and create a mess. I’ll show you how to automate your business the right way.

Harness Smart Automation Logic Using Filters & Routers

Create smart automations that do exactly what you want and when you want it done.  You’ll learn how to create smart pathways using filters and routers so that depending on what data exists, different things happen. For instance, you’ll discover how to send different followup sequences based on different call types being booked – all from within the 1 automation.

How To Aggregators & Interators

They may sound scary, but by the end of this course you’ll know exactly when and how to use iterators and aggregators. With these two powerful modules you can do an incredible range of things in your automations, like looking up (iterating) every deal that is linked to a person, and then creating a list of the deal stages and status’s (aggregating) – you could even use a filter to only aggregate deals that are “open”. The possibilities are endless…

Repeat Your Automations (Or Parts Of Them)

Integromat/Make has a powerful “repeater” module that you can use to “hack” your automations to do some pretty amazing things. For instance, you could randomly choose a character from a set of characters, and repeat those steps 5 times, then join the random characters into a word to create a unique coupon code for your ecommerce store… Or schedule 3 occurances of a “part payment”, with each payment having a due date 30 days after the last one…

Manipulate Your Data Using Formulas

Want to convert 11/20/21 into “Saturday November 20, 2021”, you’ll learn how to convert date formats, change dates, perform math functions, change arrays, conform text and much more! However you want to process your data integromat/make has a way to do it!

Connect To Custom APIs & Webhooks

Almost every app these days has an API that you can connect to. If you want to get the latest news headlines there’s an API for that, want to lookup data in your CRM and sync it to your email system… there’s an API for that too. You’ll learn how to connect to ANY API and use it to automate your business processes.

Extract & Replace Information With RegEx

You’ll learn how to use RegEx to pull any bit of information from an email or within your existing data. With RegEx you can extract the domain from an email address, and then look up all the other contacts in your database with that same email domain – a great way to find and link contacts at an organization when you’re cleaning up data…

Troubleshooting & Error Handling To Build Even Smarter Automations

You’ll discover how to add error handlers to your scenarios so that when a known error occurs the scenario knows how you want that error handled. You’ll know how to troubleshoot and fix problems in your scenarios, and learn how to build scenarios that are robust and reliable for years to come.

Access To Scenario BluePrints & Detailed Examples

Get a jump start on making your own scenarios by downloading one of the scenario blueprints and importing it into your integromat/make account. All the hard work is done for you, all you have to do is connect your apps and turn it on! (If you are using different apps to what I recommend then you may need to make some changes to the scenarios – but the blueprints are a great starting point!)

Full access to all videos, resources, blueprints and training

Over 30 tutorial videos
5+ scenario blueprints
2+ Airtable base templates
And everything you need to automate your business with integromat/make today!

Was $449

Now Just $249

Access The Course Now

I’m so confident that you will love this course that if you decide that it’s not right for you – for any reason within the first 30 days – then I will give you a full refund no questions asked. There’s even a form inside the course so you can request videos for anything that I’ve missed out! I’m constantly improving the course and adding new videos to the library as I discover new tricks and ideas.

About Mitch Baylis

Hi I’m Mitch and I’ve been helping businesses just like yours automate their processes for over 10 years. For the longest time I was using Zapier (which is ok, but not great), and then Integromat/Make came onto the scene. At first Integromat/Make was incredible complex and hard to understand, it certainly is a step up from Zapier!

But once I started using Integromat/Make I quickly realised how incredible the software actually is. Zapier doesn’t even come close to what Integromat/Make can automate for your business. With Integromat/Make I’ve automated dozens of complex business processes for almost every type of business imaginable.

I’ve auto created invoices for payroll with each invoice being in the employees home currency (and I even automated their wierd bonus payouts). I’ve automated styling, watermarking, scaling, uploading and scheduling images onto social media accounts. I’ve automated customer journeys. I’ve even automated many aspects of my personal life such as sending birthday texts and cards.

I’m confident that no matter what you want to automate, once you learn how to harness Integromat/Make using what I teach in this course, you’ll be able to automate every repetitive or complex task in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?2021-01-23T02:27:00+00:00

Of course you can. I invite you to buy this course, try it out for 30 days – watch all the videos and download the content – and if after all that you feel like this course isn’t for you, then just email me for a full refund.

Look, I’m beyond confident that you are going to get immense value out of this course. I’m constantly adding new content to it and updating the older videos too. Whenever I solve a rather tricky problem for a client, I record a video and share it in this course so you and others can benefit too.

What can I automate with this course?2021-01-23T02:15:07+00:00

If it has an API or webhook then you can automate it! You’d be surprised at just how many things have APIs. You can connect to your smart watch to download your fitness data, program the smart lights in your home to turn on and off, send text messages and birthday cards to your friends, create contracts and documents, move data from one app to another, edit and style images and upload to social networks…

The possibilities are truely endless! And what’s more, is that, every single day there are more and more apps and “things” that you can connect to and automate with Integromat!

Can’t you just build it for me?2021-01-23T02:10:02+00:00

I sure can! This course is designed to help you build your own automations and understand on a deeper level how Integromat works. I originally created it for my clients so they could learn how to make some minor changes to the automations I built for them. Since then I’ve expanded the course to include everything you need to know to get automated!


If you prefer for me to work with you directly, then book in for a free call here.

Is Integromat expensive?2021-01-23T02:04:23+00:00

Integromat is actually CHEAPER than Zapier. What I love about Integromat is that you have the ability to buy “one off” bundles to temporarily increase your plan limits. So if you want to data clean a big list you can just buy a bunch of extra operations for the exercise rather than having to upgrade and downgrade your account.

With monthly pricing starting at $9, compared to Zapier at $19 – Integromat is very affordable.

Do I have to be a developer/coder to use Integromat?2021-01-23T02:00:21+00:00

Absolutely not! I’m not a coder, and my understanding of coding languages is very basic. As long as you can watch and follow steps in a video, then you will be able to build your own automations. If you get stuck then you can always shoot me an email for a little help!

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